The End of The World

Whoever thought good things could come out of difficult situations hadn’t ever had to face the end of the world. Standing in front of the glass that sheltered the Safe Haven, Lorien hugged herself as she watched her home star collapse in on itself.

It wasn’t a beautiful sight. It didn’t make her think of new beginnings and wild adventures into the unknown.

It was just sad. And she wished she could embrace the star, hug it tight and keep it safe. Keep all of them safe.

But outside reigned a war of explosions and chaos. Animals swirled in the air, helpless and doomed as nature caved and groaned. The wind keened its loss as the air surrendered to suffocation. Rivers bowed to gravity and then dried up.

Soon there would be nothing left of the familiar and beautiful world she’d known. The ironic part was that it wasn’t mankind that had ended up ruining the world.

It was the star itself, suddenly deciding it had lived long enough and it was time to up and die.

Such an irresponsible star….

They had investigated into the matter. They had tried to figure out the reason. But they had found an abandoned Star Heart. The soul gone. And the following words carved on the cave: “For Sale: Earth Core. Accepting Currencies. No Change.”

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