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My name is Internella. I speak Hebrew, English, basic Spanish, some html, a few words in Facebook, and in the future I plan on picking up a few words in any language known to womankind. Why? Because languages are how we communicate. Everything in our world relies on good communication, and I’m not talking only about people. Animals bark or whine or whistle at each other to deliver warnings, calls to meet, and calls to…er…mate. 😉 Machines communicate, too. Cell phones, laptops, printers, and servers all talk among themselves.

It all started when one caveman named Hulk the Great Son of Hairy Gorilla wanted to eat. The dude was huuuungry. But, alas, there was no game to be had. He roared his distress and he scratched at his chest. He banged his club on the wall and then stamped his foot on the bumpy ground.

Into the cave ran his mate. Fifi the Great Daughter of Hairy Monkey was her name. Hair whipping to all sides, she cried in distress, afraid of the danger lying in wait. Upon finding her mate with his hairy face crestfallen, the woman cocked her head in wonder. Craazy?

Hulk roared to the sky in an attempt to convey his frustration.

Fifi put hands on hips, legs tapping in agitation.

They went on like this for hours, until Hulk’s stomach rumbled.

“Ahhhh,” cried Fifi.

“Ah-ha!” exclaimed Hulk.

And they went on to live frustratingly ever after. They didn’t starve, if you were wondering. Human beings are still alive, and we’re the proof. What kind of proof, you ask?

Communication is key to survival and advancement. What if you had to live like Fifi and Hulk, grunting and moaning and barking like an animal in order to communicate your needs, wishes, and desires? While it is true that in our day and era advancement seems like the most important thing. Everyone wants to create the leading innovative startup that will make them their millions. Investors and business tycoons have think pads. Entrepreneurs chase the next great invention. But how do all of these dreams come into fruition?

Short quiz: Do million dollar startups grow on trees?

Answer: No. They do not. Although it would sure be a fun invention.

You there, creative genius, think you can create an artificial startup-growing tree? Then we could all get rich by climbing up a tree to pick an apple, rather than on somebody else’s back. Unless, of course, the back is willing. Until then, we’re going to put our own backs (and heads) into work.

How do we do that? At the most basic level–we communicate. We read, write, and talk among each other. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow and advance and make our dreams come true. This isn’t mere Millenial ‘I want to fulfill my true calling in life’ situation (although that, too, is rooted in communication–the self-communication kind). It’s survival. Because if you can’t communicate well enough to sell your product or services, how on earth will it sell?

So what does ‘communicating well’ means?

It means creating a story. One that would get people in a frenzy to get your product/service now. The I have to have this awesome new big thing now, right this minute, or my life will never be complete kind of heart-spiking urge that prompts instant gratification. And that’s what a story can do for you. Sell your product/service. Earn a living for both survival and advancement.

We’re in a Big Data era, people. Regular run-of-the-mill content gets dumped into spam faster than you can type SEO. And that won’t do you any good if you can’t grab a reader’s attention during the first few lines and make ’em stay. Even the funny pet videos and pictures get lost in the Big Data void. Cute as they are, there are just too many out there.

The solution–create compelling stories. The kind that’ll grab consumers and investors and won’t let them go. Think of the latest great thriller you picked up as an eBook or an audio or watched. Were you able to stop at a reasonable time? No? Great. That’s the experience you want to recreate for your targeted audience.

That’s my mission and what I intend to do here.

Now tell me, what’s your story?

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