Free WordPress Theme Review – Blogly Lite

Once upon a time there was a free WordPress theme called Blogly Lite. Created especially for bloggers on a budget, the responsive theme offered a simple and clean design, but very few customization options. Unless, of course, you are willing and able to pay for the pro version.

Customization Features available in the Blogly Lite version:
– A customized background
– A customized logo
– A customized menu
– Changing the color scheme
– A side bar  widget area

These features, while nice, don’t allow much control over the design. The desktop view looks nice. In the smartphone view the menu takes over the screen. What that means is that your blog posts remain under the fold, where people need to scroll down. Best practices of web design encourage designers to put all of the important information (be it a blog post, call to action, or a banner) over the fold. Make it accessible and right in the face. That can’t be achieved while using Blogly Lite.

A clean design can be a work of art and Blogly Lite does has a nice look, but most of us want our websites to fit our branding, or at the very least our personality. As much as I enjoyed exploring Blogly Lite and I’m sure it’ll fit the needs of some of you out there, I’m looking for more control over the design.

Next up – Agama– a free WordPress theme.

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