Finding the Right Theme for Your WordPress Website

Now that you have a detailed plan for your Castle on the Net, aka the website, picked up a cute name sign, aka the domain, charted a piece of land to settle on, aka the hosting, and chose the construction method, aka the web building platform, it’s time to pick up the materials needed to set the construction in motion. Your castle is only a few steps away!

The first thing you need is a theme. The theme controls…the amount of control you have over the design. That’s where your plan comes in handy. If the castle of your dreams is a portfolio showcasing your artwork, then an images oriented theme is what you’re looking for. If the focus is on content, you might opt for a magazine-style theme. If you’re interested in selling products, you’re going to need a theme with woo-commerce.

So take a good look at your plan, and list the most important design elements you’re going to need. Then prioritize them. Finding the ‘right’ theme for your website is not an easy feat, especially if you’re on a budget. It’s a little bit like going shopping, having a detailed image of the perfect dress in mind. I don’t know about you, but it never worked out for me. I always end up frustrated, sifting through a variety of options while nothing seems exactly right.

However, there are infinite other options out there, and chances are that if you let go of that one image, you might be able to find something that you’ll like, or even love. Sure, you can hire a designer to create that perfect vision. Or you might even opt to learn how to design that masterpiece, if you have the patience and time.

As for me, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating this blog for a long time, and it’s time to let it fly. It won’t be perfect at first, and I will have phases of experimentations in which the website won’t look as great as I’d like it to be. I’m a ‘learn by experience’ kind of girl, and I’m going to post my developments. So if you’d rather learn from my blunders and mishaps, stay tuned.

Next up is my review of the first free WordPress theme I’ll be trying out.

What I’m looking for is as much control over the design for the lowest cost. I already spent valuable dollars on the domain and hosting, and since I’m currently not making any money off this blog I need to trim the costs to a minimum. Besides, summer is approaching and I’m going to need a new gown for the ball and I seem to have lost my fairy Godmother. She’s a flighty gal with big, yellow eyes and purple wings. If you happen to see her, tell her I’m not waiting any longer. I’ll be casting my own magic from now on.

What’s your dream theme?

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