Stories have greater impact than pure data and facts. We can relate to stories, we use our senses to process and assimilate them. Which is why, when you share a story, people are far more likely to remember AND connect to you, your company, and your brand.

I’ve been writing since I could grab a pen. I take random bits of information and turn them into stories, songs, and articles with which other people can connect. I believe in the power of a community. When we share our stories, knowledge and experience, we enrich our environment with greater opportunities for everyone. The best thing about storytelling? It’s a point of view, not a fact. You can spin, shape, grow and mold any way you like.

My mission is to make data accessible and interesting. I can write about anything, provided I have enough time to do the necessary research or the information is made available for me. I write articles, blog posts, business presentation and marketing materials. The only exception is technical writing. I’m all about stories and hyperbole. I’m here to find the right words to convey the meaning behind your brand in a way that will be clear and create an immediate response.


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